Is Your Sports Turf Ready for Action?

With longer days, warmer temperatures, and new leaves on the trees, spring has finally arrived in Middle Tennessee. This means more people are playing sports like baseball, golf, and lacrosse.

But is your sports turf ready for this increased activity? After all, you want your grass to stay in great playing shape for every practice, game, or league throughout the year.

Thankfully, at Pure Green, we’re the Southeast’s leading experts in sports turf management. Whether it’s a baseball field or golf course, we have the specialized equipment and world-class know-how to keep your turf strong and healthy for every playing season.

The Right Services for Your Sports Turf or Golf Course

Whether you want to revitalize your playing surface or need a more economical solution, we can help with your most important turf management needs.


Aerification is a process that perforates your lawn with small holes to decompact your turf soil, giving your turf access to vital nutrients, oxygen, and increased water filtration. Aerification also aids in thatch management and root growth. At Pure Green, we deploy tine sizes for a variety of hole depths. 


Often applied after aeration, top-dressing involves spreading sand or soil mix evenly over your turf surface. This aids the recovery of thin or damaged turf and smooths out low areas for a level playing field. Top-dressing also helps with drainage and thatch management.

As a comprehensive sports turf management solution, we also offer additional services to ensure great green grass for every tournament, including:

  • Spraying
  • Fertilizer Application
  • Overseeding
  • Slit Drainage
  • Consulting
  • Verticutting & Sweeping

Meet Our Fleet of Turf Management Equipment

At Pure Green, we deploy only the best-in-class equipment for our sports turf management, as we know your field or golf course deserves it! Check out a few of our favorite machines that can help your turf become some of Middle Tennessee’s finest.

Redexim Verti-Drain 2216

The popular Verti-Drain is a deep tine aerator often used on golf course greens. Utilized in the spring on cool-season grasses and in the summer for warm-season grasses, the Verti-Drain has the versatility to remove various depths of soil. This manages thatch and creates drainage channels properly to let your turf absorb the nutrients it needs.

Redexim Verti-Quake

Ideal for quick surface healing, the Verti-Quake utilizes powered offset blades to de-compact the soil consistently from the surface to full working depth. And even better, the Verti-Quake produces little playing surface disruption, so important tournaments can stay on schedule.

Redexim Turf Tidy

The Turf Tidy combines sweeping and verticutting into one powerful machine. Not only does it pick up leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from the playing surface, it easily removes thatch buildup with little to no mess. This firms up your turf while helping water and other vital nutrients permeate the root zone.

Get a Free Consultation for Sports Turf Peace of Mind

If you want your grass to be ready for the upcoming sports season, it can be difficult to know where to start. By partnering with Pure Green, however, we can provide the customized turf management solutions you need for peace of mind throughout the year. Schedule a free consultation with us today to get started.