Why You Should Aerate and Overseed Your Lawn at The Same Time

As a local lawn care company, we know all about Nashville lawns, and the truth of the matter is our lawns can be complicated. Proper maintenance often depends on many factors like grass type, irrigation, soil pH levels, car or foot traffic…not to mention the weather! Between high amounts of rain, cold winters, and blazing hot summers, our lawns can see significant damage over time.

However, strengthening your turf so it can withstand the unpredictability in our area is possible. How? By aerating and overseeding your lawn! Let’s take a closer look at why they’re important and why we recommend knocking them out at the same time.

Why Aerate?

Aeration is the single most valuable action you can take to improve the overall quality of your lawn. Like every living thing on this Earth, grass roots need oxygen to function. The aeration process—whether you use liquid or core aeration—gives them a chance to breathe by opening the soil and letting nutrients and oxygen get down to the roots. This stimulates root growth and breaks up the soil.

Why Overseed?

Overseeding can fix any bare spots (large or small) in your lawn. And even if you don’t have bare spots, it can also be beneficial to overseed if you have only one type of grass.

Introducing new grass varieties into your lawn can:

  • Make it possible for your lawn to withstand drought by using a more drought-resistant type of grass
  • Keep your grass greener in the winter
  • Make the turf thicker to crowd out any weeds and make it more disease resistant

Our Solution: Perform Them at The Same Time

Sure, aeration can technically be done without overseeding. However, by loosening that compacted soil, you’re opening the soil up for any type of seeds to take hold and germinate, including weed seeds.

That’s why we recommend overseeding directly after aerating, and it’s also why our lawn care professionals perform these tasks for customers on the same day. Aeration provides the perfect area for seeds to fall into and grow. The new grass seed will take the available water, oxygen, and nutrients and start to thrive, starving out potential weeds in the process. Plus, who wouldn’t want their lawn to have a gorgeous and fresh new look?

If you have more questions about our aeration and over-seeding services, get in touch with the professionals at Pure Green. We specialize in both liquid and core aeration services at any time throughout the year, and we’d be happy to talk about a lawn care plan that’s right for your home.

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