Core Aeration vs. Liquid Aeration

Pure Green introduced liquid aeration to our customers in March 2018. The result has been a universal success for several reasons! And with "Aeration Season" upon us, you need to know the benefits and differences between Core Aeration and Liquid Aeration.


What is Aeration?

First, allow us to familiarize you with why aeration is important to your lawn and exactly how it will benefit you.

Aeration before fall seasonal over-seeding allows seeds to nestle efficiently into the soil. It also promotes deeper, healthier root growth. The ideal time to perform aeration is late summer/early fall to ensure better results with over-seeding. 

Aeration is also the cure for many lawn problems throughout the year including:

  • Compacted soil – Aeration loosens the soil in high foot traffic areas or areas that are simply beaten down after years of no aeration. 
  • Standing water – If you have standing water after rainfall or irrigation, you might also inadvertently invite disease into your lawn. Aeration allows your lawn proper water drainage and enhances the distribution of moisture and nutrients to your lawn's root system. 
  • Thatch –Thatch removal is crucial to your lawn's health. Aeration can help prevent thatch buildup which can block sunlight, oxygen, and water from reaching your grass's roots.

Don't have these problems? Even if you haven't experienced these issues, maintaining a regular aeration schedule is crucial to preventing these issues before they even arise.

What is Core Aeration?

Core Aeration is performed by a machine that pulls 2-3" plugs from your lawn every few inches, loosens compacted soil, promotes root growth, and gives your grass and its roots better access to rain and sunlight.

What is Liquid Aeration?

Liquid Aeration is a new product, offered by Pure Green since 2018. The liquid aeration process creates microscopic pores in the soil that act as sponges. The outcome is increased retention of water and nutrients, giving your lawn nutrition it needs to grow strong. No "plugs" are removed from the soil in the process.

What is the benefit of Liquid Aeration vs. Core Aeration?

Liquid aeration is new, but is it better? We believe so for multiple reasons. 

First, liquid aeration provides 100% coverage. The traditional core aeration doesn't enable us to cover the entire area. Liquid aeration also costs less and takes less time! 

Furthermore, the effects of liquid aeration build over time, lasting much longer than core aeration. And liquid aeration can be performed throughout the year, ensuring it won't harm young, gender grass as core aeration will. 

Our professional recommendation is overwhelmingly in favor of liquid aeration over core aeration. The success we see in customer lawns is clear. 

Have questions about liquid aeration? Please don't hesitate to reach out, we'd be happy to walk through a lawn plan with you and determine what is right for your lawn.