Nashville Sports Turf

Pure Green, LLC provides expert sports turf management across Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. 

Whether your field is in dire need of professional help or you just want a more economical solution so your sports turf management needs, let us come out and provide a free assessment to get you ready for the season! 

Our Sports Turf Management services include:

  • Spraying
  • Aerification
  • Top-Dressing
  • Consulting
  • Field Painting

For more information about our sports turf programs, please call 615-988-6777 or email info@puregreenllc.comPure Green, LLC is a locally owned lawn care company specializing in residential lawns and sports turf. Pure Green, LLC uses the most natural lawn care products to get Great Green Grass. Our product of choice, Holganix, reduces the use of chemicals by as much as 90%.