Golf & Athletic Turf Management

Pure Green provides expert sports turf management across Tennessee and the Southeast.

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Expert Turf Management Services & Solutions

  • Fertilizer Applications

    Fertilizer Applications

    We offer both liquid and granular treatments. We can develop a specific program for each field based on detailed soil analysis and field use.

  • Aerification


    Helps increase oxygen, water, and nutrients into the root zone. It also helps minimize soil compaction which can cause surface hardness and decrease player safety. We have the ability to provide deep-tine aerification as well as linear decompaction.

  • Top Dressing


    Provides thatch management, aids in drainage, improves low areas and helps in recovery of thin or damaged turf.

  • Slit Drainage

    Slit Drainage

    Improves drainage by creating permanent channels, which in turn improves the quality of turf. Creates very little surface disturbance allowing for no disruption of play.

  • Overseeding


    By overseeding with perennial ryegrass you help guard against high-traffic wear and tear that could otherwise result in significant repairs or even the need for replacement come spring.

One-Pass Aerator &
Slit Drainage Machine

Creates permanent channels for better quality turf by de-compacting and filling with sand in one pass. Works with wet or dry sand. Schedule a consultation to learn more.