Creating Relationships through Customer Service

Pure Green is proud to present the G3 Guarantee to Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood and beyond:


Pure Green is a great place for our clients, families and the community. We guarantee a great, personalized customer experience.


We promise to use the most environmentally safe products and procedures for your family, and to do everything in our power to make this the greenest company possible.


If you work with Pure Green, you will have Great Green Grass. We will work with you to get the most positive results from your lawn. For example, we will advise you on how best to treat your lawn throughout the season, such as mowing high and proper watering.


Here's the Guarantee

If for some reason there’s a problem, we will  

  • work with you to make it right
  • come out and work on your lawn until you’re satisfied,
  • or refund you the cost of your last application

We also guarantee you will be serviced within 3 business days of your request.

We view our customers as our partners.

Since this is your lawn, we ask that you please keep up to date on any issues, from weeds to bugs and even disease. We will always do our best to ensure you have Great Green Grass to enjoy all year and will offer continuous service until we are notified to cancel.

This is a partnership, and we are committed to making it work!

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